IN SHORT: a guided tour at dawn, preferably by bike, but also on foot or by car, to another Rome: silent, magical… and fragrant!

IN MORE DETAIL: In 3 hours we can see a lot.  We can choose our itinerary on the spot, from Ancient Rome, to the monumental squares and fountains, along the Tiber, empty streets and silent alleys… the scent of freshly made bread and the fragrance of flowers in the many small green areas.  It is preferable by bike, with camera strapped around your neck, ready to shoot extraordinary images, long before the chaos beings. This is perfect in the summer, especially in August, and even better on a Sunday morning when the Romans are all at the beach.  We’ll notice scents that later disappear when the traffic starts up, colors that are engulfed by the blinding mid-day light, while we discover an entirely different city:  in the silence it is reborn in all its magnificent beauty.
Don’t worry if you have already seen something: every corner in Rome, even those you know, has an entirely different charm at daybreak!  We end with a good coffee and delicious croissant at a nice bar in the center.  And when the city awakes and begins to roar, we can retire:  we will have already stocked up on an unforgettable beauty.


MEETING PLACE In hotel or at the bike rental stand
DURATION 3 hours

PRACTICAL TIMES At dawn, the hour can vary. Perfect during the summer.
TRANSPORTATION  Preferably by bike, but also on foot.
SUITABLE FOR children, teens, photography lovers, bikers



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