IN SHORT: a guided bike tour, in the city or in the historic or archeological parks, to see a lot in just a little bit of time, and with ease.

IN MORE DETAIL:  The route we take is your choice. We can pedal through the center, riding through alleys, ascending to a terrace with a beautiful view or descending to the banks of the Tiber River.  On a Sunday morning we can go to St. Peter’s Square and plan to be there right at noon for the papal blessing! Go ahead and chose the Rome that intrigues you most:  the narrow alleys of the medieval quarters, a path travelling alongside the archeological walls, the Baroque piazzas, the modern district  with street art and contemporary architecture, or one of the great parks outside the city’s center.  We can picnic on a scenic terrace or on a tablecloth spread out on the grass, maybe even in the shade of the ancient Roman aqueducts.  We’ll stop first to get a few groceries at a local farmers’ market or in a grocery store known for its gastronomic specialties. In other words, we’ll pick up a few delicacies and throw them in the basket.
Don’t worry about the hills (you were counting seven, weren’t you?!), because most of the city’s historic center is on flat ground (the Campus Martius). In any case, we can rent an electric bike with pedal assistance, so you won’t even feel the strain of climbing.
We will avoid traffic as much as possible by choosing the city’s quieter pedestrian areas, and possibly with greenery, so that we can breathe cleaner air.  But if you fear traffic, then I suggest this tour on Sunday mornings, in the parks or along the Appian Way. On our return, or upon arrival in the city center, we will conclude our trip with a cup of coffee or an ice cream, collecting and retaining the images of a day that I promised will be wonderful!


MEETING PLACE  In hotel or the bike rental stand
DURATION  3+ hours
TRANSPORTATION  Citybike or electric bike (with pedal assist)

We will rent bikes (electric and non) at a rental place that offers:
– Insurance
– Helmet
– Sanitary helmet liners
– Chain lock
– Safety/Emergency patch kit in case of flat