About me

barbara2014I was born in the Testaccio district of Rome, in the heart of the city. I have been studying, living and working in Rome all my life. The Colosseum was on my way to school; then I got my degree in Art History, the faculty of which was within the complex of the ancient Baths of Diocletian.

I have been trained and certified to teach Art History in high schools but, while I awaited the assignment of a teaching position, I worked with cultural associations and then, in 1999, became certified to exercise the profession of Tour Guide. I just had to share with others the history that I knew!!

I have fun talking about Rome: I love to see the enthusiasm that is expressed in the eyes of those who have known Rome, but have never really “seen” it or, even more, of those who see the Eternal City for the first time! I have a passion for shining light on the past, narrating stories of monuments that were the stage of extraordinary events… events that have made the city and its inhabitants a fascinating combination of nature and culture, an endless source of visual appeal, but also one of reflection… on the reality of yesterday, and of today.

I continue to study, but in Rome you can never stop!! In low season, I read a lot and attend courses in history and archeology. I look to discover Roman sites that are new to me (yes, they exist for me too!), and I visit new exhibits in old museums.

I love photography because I love freezing the moment, looking to find emotion in every corner and experiencing the fascination from a single pure moment of beauty. In Rome there is an infinity of them!!

My favorite places? Far from the crowds, where I can enjoy the beauty, and its history, in peace. That’s where I’d like to take you! I’d especially like to unveil to you new places, but also new ways of seeing and experiencing the city. There is no better hiding place than the one that lies before your eyes! Rome is full of secrets, but to reveal them sometimes you have only to turn a corner and go into the right place. Sometimes you only need to take a good look, pick out the ancient symbols, or immerse yourself in the extraordinary stories.