IN SHORT:  We visit the homes of two princely families, among the most important in Rome, and visit their conference rooms and art collections, in the historic palaces where they continue to live!

IN MORE DETAIL:  Among all the historic galleries in Rome, these have something special: still today they are the private residences of princes that have been living there for centuries! Here you breath the aura of a fabulous and timeless Rome: gilded stucco, walls busy with paintings, chandeliers of Murano glass, chests of precious stones.
The Colonna Gallery impresses with the magnificent display of its halls, with ceilings that account the glories of the family and the many fine paintings that are kept in the gallery and in the private apartments: magnificent works by Brueghel and delightful ones by Van Wittel, depicting a Rome long gone!
Here you can find many images of the gallery:
The Doria Pamphili Gallery still preserves its original layout. Even here the walls are busy with paintings and designs, the eye has difficulty resting on just one single image. Standing out among the many paintings are several masterpieces by Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. Here, too, there are private apartments with an interesting mix of silk brocades, gilded stucco décor and a WiFi modem!! Even princes navigate the web!
Here you will find many images of the gallery:

OPTIONS: During weekdays when the Colonna Gallery is closed, you can replace it with another princely gallery (Borghese, Corsini … see the other “Princely Way of Life” tours), or with visits to nearby Baroque churches.


MEETING PLACE  In hotel or at the Colonna Gallery entrance

DURATION  3 hours

PRACTICAL TIMES The Colonna Gallery is normally only open on Saturday mornings. Only “privately” can you visit the Colonna Gallery on another day, by reservation and advance payment—equivalent to the amount of tickets for a whole group. Information on request. The Doria Pamphili Gallery is always open.
TRANSPORTATION On foot. The two galleries are near each other. If we visit other galleries, because the Colonna Gallery is closed, we can reach them by taxi.
SUITABLE FOR lovers of paintings and antique furniture from the Baroque period
ACCESSIBILITY Both galleries are only partially accessible
TICKETS Colonna Gallery: Full price €12, Reduced price €10. Doria Pamphili Gallery: Full price €11, Reduced price €7.50.
RESERVATIONS are necessary during weekdays for the Colonna Gallery (only by private admission)

NOTES  Perfect for lovers of Baroque art and antique furniture.