IN SHORT: This is a classic tour of the heart of the Ancient city, capital of a vast empire. Includes Colosseum and Roman Forum. A not to miss tour for first comers.

IN MORE DETAIL: After a brief introduction outside we enter the Colosseum, where we reach the first level to get a perfect view of the whole structure: undergrounds, arena and the remains of seating area and see how all this was built. We find a nice corner where I tell you about high-adrenaline dayly life here, in the arena and in the grandstands, between authorities in togas, gladiators praying to the gods, and audiences hungry for violence.
Next we visit the Roman Forum, the scene of the most important political, religious and cultural activity, from triumphant parades that celebrated conquests, to everyday political gossip! The tour finishes on Capitoline Hill, a splendid square designed by Michelangelo.
From up here you have Rome at you feet and decide to go for a break or continue your discovery of the city.

OPTIONS: We can make a longer tour an visit the Palatine hill (birthplace of Rome and Imperial residence later on) or the Imperial Forums, since the ticket is valid for those sites too.


DURATION 3 or 4 hours
PRACTICAL TIMES 9:00 am or 2:00 pm
TRASPORTATION on foot or by taxi from hotel to first destination. Then it’s all on foot
SUITABLE FOR everybody
ACCESSIBILITY  A good portion of the sites are accessible to wheelchair users.
TICKETS  Colosseum and Forum: 16€ + 2€ for reservation fee

NOTES: As with all state sites, entry to the Forum and the Colosseum is free on the first Sunday of the month. It is for this reason that they are very crowded on these days, so, in order to enjoy better visiting conditions, we suggest you choose, if possible, a day with an admission fee.