IN SHORT: This, too, is one of the top three tours, certainly not to be missed by those visiting Rome for the first time. It includes the three most important and monumental squares: Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

IN MORE DETAIL: Piazza di Spagna was the “drawing room” where Roman elite would meet foreigners from all over the world (travelers doing the Grand Tour), and it’s still a meeting point today, even if a bit more crowded than the 700’s! The Trevi Fountain is a must-see for everyone visiting the eternal city. Restoration is being completed and soon you will once again be able to toss a coin in the fountain to ensure your return to Rome. The walk continues along the narrow streets that open onto beautiful squares, obelisks and engraved columns, and between antique residences and impressive palaces (formerly papal residences, today office headquarters). We arrive at the Pantheon, antique Roman temple transformed into a church and still perfectly preserved in all its magnificence. We end our tour in Piazza Navona, with its beautiful fountains, and in particular, the Fountain of the Four Rivers, by Bernini, a genius of Baroque Rome.
Besides the squares and monumental fountains, and depending on our point of departure (your hotel or elsewhere), we’ll add some delightful “gems”: an atelier of sculptors dating back three generations, or a historic café; underground ruins of the ancient city (with flowing water still today!); a nice coffee in a poetic Renaissance cloister or the optical illusion of a “Baroque joke”. Even the classic stroll through Rome can lead to an unexpected adventure.


MEETING PLACE  In hotel or as privately agreed
DURATION  3 hours
TICKETS None. Coins will be needed as offering to illuminate paintings in churches.