With eyes shut…

In addition to sight, all tours include other senses as well…

Anytime we can, we’ll stop to smell the flowers and the aromatic herbs in the archeological sites.

We’ll touch the marble and the stones used in constructions to better understand the different nature of the rocks, the differences in their resistance, and their role in the stability of the building.

We’ll move amid silent places and measure, with the echo of our footsteps, the beauty of the space that this amazing architecture occupies.

We’ll delight our hearing in search of mystic church choirs, or jazz trumpets beneath the bridges of the Tiber river.

We’ll rejoice at the sound of singing fountains, and play with the coolness of their jets.

We’ll search for gold glistening from the medieval mosaics or in the trim of ancient liturgical vestments.

We’ll taste gelato, sweets or other treats… because Rome is not only to see, Rome is to discover, to taste, to love… even with eyes shut!